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Written by  2016-08-23

Standing tall in the light of rejection .... Especcially after an interview

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Standing Tall in light of Rejection...Especially after the interview

Being rejected after a job interview can severely dent your confidence. Many candidates dwell on being turned down,

often forgetting the bigger picture. Rejection, while not pleasant, can often be blown out of proportion and viewed as a sign of failure. However, by thinking objectively, candidates can use it to build on their core strengths, address development points and ultimately find a job that suits them best.

The positive side

This situation can be viewed as a learning experience. We all learn from situations that we might perceive as negative, not getting the job after an interview is no different. If you performed to the best of your ability, displayed all your relevant technical expertise, demonstrated your competencies and communicated in your most engaging manner in an interview but were still turned down, then you can take comfort from knowing that it was the wrong firm for you. It just might mean that you did not fill the “culture” that the organisation has. This would mean that you avoided being employed in an organisation that would have been a clash for you, and where you might have ended up being unhappy.

This is perhaps no solace, when you are really looking for a job on order to earn money for you and your family, but in the long run, it might have meant you ended up in a situation where every morning you dread the thought of going to work. You definitely would not like that. You may find your mind unable to rest until you establish a logical explanation for the rejection. Thorough feedback may not be provided, as candidates are often rejected because of an interviewer's gut feeling – despite meeting technical requirements. Instead of dwelling on your disappointment, keep your mind focused on other opportunities and continue to present yourself to the best of your ability.

At workplace Solutions, we are ready to give you give you feedback on why you did not meet our client’s requirement. And we are willing to talk you through emphasising your strong points and on presenting yourself more effectively in your interview.

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In the next note we shall discuss the interview.... preparing yourself for the day.


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